You are lovable and you deserve love.

Maybe you’ve been in relationships where you weren’t being loved in the way that you wanted to be, or maybe you haven’t been getting your needs met in some other way. After a while of this happening, it’s easy to believe that your needs aren’t valid or are never going to be met. But your needs are important; they’re part of your uniqueness and beauty, and when you have what you need, you show up in the world in the best possible way. Whatever has happened in the past, you can learn to dissolve anxiety and feel good and whole again. It’s time to create change, to break the cycle of bad relationships and

get the love you want.


Who are you waiting for?

I have seen a lot of trauma in my life, from serving in the Marine Corps to working in a prison to navigating the challenges of being a male in a patriarchal society. I’ve also had some very difficult relationships, and because of that, I’d stopped seeing anyone and was hesitant to start anything new. I wanted a partner, but there was something blocking me, and I didn’t want a repeat of past experiences. Kayli provided a safe place to work through intimacy challenges, to talk through and explore what was present for me, and to work through an issue from my past that turned out to be holding me back. I was then able to start dating and am now married to a beautiful, incredible woman!
— JS
I have had the pleasure of working with Kayli as my coach for six months, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I have been working towards self-care and changing unhealthy patterns of behavior for almost 20 years, and I feel as if I am making progress faster than I ever have before.

Kayil is a wonderful coach. She’s somewhere between a cheerleader and a loving parent for me. I have never felt judged nor pushed. Our weekly conversations have been eye-opening, occasionally very challenging and yet always life-changing. I feel supported and encouraged.

I feel I am gaining more clarity every week. I am realizing old patterns of behavior much more quickly, and there is an internal confidence that is quickening. It feels as if someone downloaded a sense of surety and optimism right into my brain.

I always look forward to sharing myself openly with Kayli each week, and she has shown me many exercises to move my life forward. She is truly interested in my learning to help myself, and her toolbox for helping is huge.

If you are just beginning a path of self-awareness and growth, or have been at it for years, I highly recommend spending some time with Kayli. Your life will appreciate it!
— Rose H
Kayli is a skilled and loving counselor! She pulls together many different modalities and her grasp of each one is apparent from the start. It is clear that she is passionate, committed, and works hard to hone her craft. In my first session with Kayli I felt safe to dive deeper than I have with many other counselors. Kayli is wonderfully attuned, empathetic, creative in her approach, consistent and reliable.

I have found her to be particularly gifted with attachment trauma. With her wise and gentle guidance I have deepened into relationship with myself and begun to heal longstanding wounds. In a recent session involving adept role-playing (something I scoffed at before) she helped me to discharge anger and sadness previously unavailable to me and affirmed my pain and experience in a sincere way. Over these past few weeks I have noticed a clear difference in how I am relating. There is much more to be done but I know we are creating a reparative experience through which I will be profoundly altered. Every session I have had with her has been memorable; Kayli is a bright talent and a fierce ally! I am grateful to have her in my life.
— A.T.
I would definitely recommend Kayli. Her genuine care, intellect and experience make her a wonderfully supportive counselor.
— Kat Green
I’d definitely recommend Kayli for anyone who has anxiety. I got into an incredible state of relaxation, and afterward felt more calm than I’ve been in a long time. After one of our sessions, the constant ringing in one ear was gone for the first time in four years. She’s even going to give me an audio that I can listen to in between visits, so I can learn to get rid of anxiety on my own!
— E. Sanfiorenzo
Kayli’s sessions are nurturing and strong. She has the tools to tap into layers of emotions of the self to give you a more clear view to (re)discovering yourself. I came to Kayli addressing my concern and attraction for always finding myself trapped in the same relationship patterns of men who are narcissistic and ultimately unhealthy for my mental well being. We did a few holistic techniques in our hour session which really helped me hone in on my own identity and find clarity. I look forward to future sessions with her and have full confidence in her ability to be present and help me change my attachment style toward men.
— Ashley Anderson