Attachment Style Quiz

What's keeping you from a happy, healthy relationship? Take a quick Attachment Style quiz to find out. Then receive a free call with me to discuss your results. Based on your quiz and your particular situation, I'll help you strategize some ways to improve your relationships.

But Kayli, what's Attachment Style?

How to take the quiz:

Step 1: For each statement, write down your score -- 0, 1, 2, or 3.

Step 2: Total the numbers for each section.

Step 3: Send me the total from each section using the form below (you're sending me 4 numbers).

Step 4: I'll contact you to schedule a call in which I'll help you determine your attachment style and strategize some ways to use this information to improve your relationships!


Attachment Style Quiz


Section 1 Total:  _____________


Section 2 Total:  _____________


Section 3 Total:  _____________



Section 4 Total:  _____________

Now that you have 1 total per section, send me these 4 numbers in a format like this:

Section 1:  5

Section 2: 14

Section 3: 2

Section 4: 16

Thanks and I look forward to helping you learn how to use your attachment style to improve your relationships. In the meantime, check out my article on how your attachment style is impacting your relationships.